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I am moving. [Aug. 19th, 2006|05:06 pm]
[music |No Seatbelt Song]

To this: noonesleeps

Cause Frank is dumb. Dumb Frank. Pfft. They need to do something.
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missy eats shitty dicks. [Aug. 14th, 2006|09:46 pm]
[Current Location |your asshole]
[mood |tiredwhatever.]
[music |the new Hellogoodbye cd]

Kenny Green makes me laugh. He did a survey on myspace.

1. Who do you talk to the most everyday?

Hahaha he's my new best friend. I'm always gonna call him Kenny Green. I sent a picture of him to Katie yesterday and didn't tell her who it was. And then my bird is an annoying bitch. Smudge is abusing his alcohol privileges. And yes, I did instant message SmarterChild to see how to spell that word.
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pfft [Jul. 29th, 2006|03:57 pm]
[Current Location |hell.]
[mood |omd]
[music |karen yelling "orange juice!" and thumbsucker]

Updating is for dogs named Missy. I took s'y pictures of Ferd today. She was posing. thumbsuckerplease. UpdatepleaseMrRichter.
I put a tattoo on my arm yesterday during band camp when we were supposed to be practicing. Meanwhile people were getting sent home for leaving the campus. I got invited to Subway the day before but I said no cause that's weird. I had a lunchable instead. But I had a cupcake too. It was good. Mikey Shcherkenoeokr is dumb and he has no good music on his ipod. And the only Taking Back Sunday is MakeDamnSure. Pfft no thank jew. Target mouse pad.

We're dating.

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scsafasfasf [Jul. 24th, 2006|11:18 pm]
[Current Location |shit]
[mood |bababba]
[music |red sky-thrice]

omd. bandcampgayshit. wake up at 5am, make peanutbutter sandwich, get there at 6:45am, stay there for ten hours and leave at 5pm. kill me. i do not want band. then when i get home i'm not allowed to sleep. i'm forced to go to my aunts house and eat spinach? goamdmamdmamme moyhether then i can't go on the computer. and jane told me i was supposed to go to bed at 10. mehehehe effeffshitshit.

but i can be happy. 

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what is a [Jul. 8th, 2006|04:32 pm]
[music |thrice]


only if you want to be annoyed
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